Cultivating the Grassroots from the Top Down: Empowerment Projects in Everyday Interaction

15 OCTOBRE 2015: 17h30 – 19h30


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Nina Eliasoph is Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Southern California. Her Ph.D. is from the University of California-Berkeley, 1993. Among her publications are The Politics of Volunteering(2012) Making Volunteers: Civic Life at Welfare’s End (2011), and Avoiding Politics: How Americans Produce Apathy in Everyday Life (1998). Avoiding Politics describes how participants of various small civic groups talked–or did not talk–about politics, both within their groups and in their encounters with government, media and corporate authorities. Making Volunteers portrays the characteristic dilemmas that arise when adult organizers of US youth civic engagement projects try to cultivate grassroots civic participation from the top down. ThePolitics of Volunteering places these face-to-face dilemmas in historical and comparative perspective. She is currently working on a book that reviews the vast literature on humanitarian NGOs and nonprofits, looking for patterned dilemmas that people who work in them face, and patterned ways that participants navigate these dilemmas.

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